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The following are Partners for Bay Wind, for furhter information click on the link or the logo on the left hand side task bar:

Renewable Energy Services Ltd.(RESL) Founded in the year 2000, Bay Wind's partner is a wind Renewable Energy Services Ltd.(RESL) energy exploration and production company engaged in an aggressive five-year program of wind power development. It is pioneering the next-generation regional energy supply, based on the secure, sustainable supply of wind energy that Nova Scotia has available for development.

Digby Test Site Information Page Details of the construction of the Digby Wind Power Test site, owned by RESL, is to be found on this page.

Scotian WindFields Family The consists of eight community-owned renewable energy companies that are focusing on wind energy development in Nova Scotia, along with Scotian WindFields Inc. an operating company tasked with developing renewable energy projects for community investment. Scotian Wind also partners/ownes with Dr Solar and Scotian Wind.

Fourth Generation Capital of Windsor Fourth Generation Capital of Windsor is one of the brokers in the field of brokering carbon credits internationally.

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