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  The Bay Wind Field Inc

Board of Directors:

The Bay Wind Field Inc. (Bay Wind) is made up of members of your local community who are raising money to invest in wind power and other alternate sources of energy.

  • President of the Board - Douglas Miller

    Douglas Miller In 2000, Doug Miller retired after a long career as Terminal Manager of Digby's Ferry terminal. Doug is a native of Digby who took Engineering and Commerce at Acadia University. He also has a diploma in Electronic Engineering from DeVry Institute.

    E-Mail address E-Mail: Doug Miller

  • Vice President - Carey Edwards

  • Secretary/Treasurer - David M Walton     

    David M Walton David served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) for 40 years, he was in the Personnel and Administration branch. As well as his Personnel and Administration duties he was trained in both Computer Hardware and Software and in his latter years was employed in computer installation and updating of Personnel and Accounting systems. Now retired and living in Annapolis Royal with his wife Elizabeth he now has a small computing and networking business.

    David has lived in many countries during his service with the RAF and British Foreign Office, including; Germany, Poland, Middle East, Morocco and Italy. During his time in the RAF he obtained several degrees; BA (Social Science) and BSC Hon (Computer Engineering).

    E-Mail address E-Mail: David M. Walton

  • Board Member - Randall Amero

    E-Mail address E-Mail: Randall Amero

  • Board Member - Alain R. Belliveau. [Past President]

    Alain R. Belliveau Alain has spent several years working in the financial industry since graduating from Acadia University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in 1997. As a financial Advisor from 2000 to 2005 he worked to maximize the financial efficiency of individuals. In the past he has also completed an internship with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce as Accounts Manager for Small Business and has been a bookkeeper for Belliveau Holdings for numerous years.

    Alain was a founding director of The Bay Wind Field Inc., one of the first CEDIF companies under the Scotian WindFields banner and resigned as President of this company to join Fourth Generation Capital Corp. in January of 2005. At Fourth Generation Alain's title and duties changed several times during his two years with that company. His initial position was VP Sales, later he moved to the international division of the company and became VP Emission Reduction Credits, as well as Project Development Officer. Apart from his formal training required in the financial industry, Alain also brings over ten years of personal stock market trading experience to the Bay Wind team, which is also his present employment activity.

    E-Mail address E-Mail: Alain R. Belliveau

  • Board Member - Tom Goodwin     Inderpendant Director

    Tom Goodwin Tom Goodwin moved back to Digby County (previously lived in Smith's Cove when father was medical officer at Cornwallis) in 1986 while working on a M.E.S. (Master's of Environmental Sciences) in environmental education (York University). Tom has always been fascinated with whales & dolphins and studied marine & wildlife biology at University of Guelph. His Ocean Explorations Zodiac Whale Cruises Ocean Explorations Web Site link was one of the first two whale-watching businesses that started in the area that year, the first "zodiac" whale watching adventure in the maritimes.

    Tom has been described as a "guru" of recycling, starting an "environment club" in high school in the 70s, and involved in environmental issues since a teenager. Tom began using and later selling environmental products and alternative energy equipment 25+ years ago and has supplied many Digby area residents small wind turbines and solar cells.

    E-Mail address E-Mail: Tom Goodwin

  • Board Member - Julie Maclean      Inderpendant Director

    Julie Maclean - Independant Director Julie Mclean is employment, since April 2005, as the general manager of Digby - Clare CBDC. Before that she was the Executive Director of the Conway Workshop Association from July 2000 until March 2005.

    Her education includes a BA with a double major in Management Economics, obtained from Guelph University in 1984. I also completed a Certificate in Business Management through Dalhousie University in April of 2007.

  • To read his Obituary please use this link.

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