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Douglas Miller I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. For those of you who are not familiar with me, my name is Douglas Miller and I am the current President of The Bay Wind Field. I have been a member of the board since it began in 2001 and have been President and Vice President in past periods.

This has been an eventful year with two successful CEDIF offerings and a future offering being prepared. We have an agreement with Scotian Wind Fields to partner with them to participate in projects utilizing the Nova Scotia Government's "Community Feed In Tariff (COMFIT)". Scotian Wind Fields Inc. has already submitted several proposals for these projects. On 31st October 2011; "The Gold Coast Field Inc and The Bay Wind Field Inc. were Amalgameted.(for more information please use this link).

Nova Scota Flag The current Nova Scotian Government has been pursuing a "Renewable Energy Program" and in this direction, there are many opportunities in Wind, Tidal, Biomass and Solar projects. The Government is striving to reduce the Province's dependence on Oil and Coal, thus reducing the carbon foot print of the province. The introduction of the COMFIT has been generating more interest in the renewable energy sector.

E-Mail address E-Mail: Doug Miller

Click icon to go to SWFI page Bay Wind has also recently made an investment in Scotian Wind Fields Inc. (SWFI). SWFI is a Nova Scotia based renewable energy developer originally created to establish renewable energy projects in conjunction with the community CEDIF companies. SWFI is presently involved in many projects in Nova Scotia and has a great deal of potential. We look forward to their success in the renewable energy field.

To find out more about SWFI please use this link(for more information please use this link).

Click icon to go to RESL page RESL completed their project at Point Tupper and are now producing energy for Nova Scotia, they also involved in projects inthe West of Canada.

To find out more about SWFI please use this link(for more information please use this link).

    Board of Directors:


    • President                   - Douglas Miller

    • Vice President            - Carey Edwards

    • Secretary/Treasurer     - David M Walton

    • Board Members

      • Randall Amero

      • Alain R. Belliveau [Past President]

      • Steven Bradley

      • Independent Director's

      • Tom Goodwin

      • Julie MacLean

For more information on Board of directors please click this link

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