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Scotian WindFields

Fourth Generation Capital of Windsor

Gold Coast & Bay Wind Partnership

  Gold Coast Field Inc & The Bay Wind Field Inc

Amalgamation - The Bay Wind Field Inc

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Gold Coast & Bay Wind Partnership

Gold Coast was founded September 14, 2004, and its region is around Guysborough area.

In October 2011 The Bay Wind Field Inc. purchased 100% of the shares in The Gold Coast Wind Field Inc and on the 31st October 2011 The Gold Coast Field Inc. and The Bay Wind Field Inc. were Amalgamated into the new The Bay Wind Field Inc.(for more information please use this link).

More Information

Guysborough Area Map The Gold Coast area is located within one of the best places on the globe to harvest wind power very economically. You as an investor could join us and take advantage of our natural resources and promising future economical development. Unlike most other companies we are community based and community owned, working for our share-holders by minimizing administration costs.

As the Gold Coast area is integrated in the network of Wind Field's it is working very closely together with the other community based WindFields and Scotian WindField Inc. This company has been established to initiate, operate and maintain wind turbines WindFields with one strong voice in negotiations with power companies, government etc.. As a shareholder of this company the Bay Wind Field is taking advantage of the gains and profits of this company.

The key to success of a community-owned enterprise as the Bay Wind Field is the inclusion and commitment of the community. We are encouraging residents of Nova Scotia and Guysborough County to get involved by buying shares and represent their community's interests and right to participate in developing this valuable resource.

Board of Directors: The Directors are the same as The Bay Wind Field Inc.(Bay Wind).use this link to see the current directors. All the members of your local community who are raising money to invest in wind power and other alternate sources of energy.

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