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The Scotian WindFields project is a wind energy development project driven by the economic return characteristics of Nova Scotia ís wind energy resources. The project is a Joint Venture between the Operator RESL and the citizens of Nova Scotia , whereby Nova Scotians are able to participate in the development of their wind energy resource as owners and capital participants. The joint Wind Turbines in the Sea venture operating structure is used routinely during exploration for and exploitation of oil, natural gas and hard rock minerals. In a typical resource development joint venture the individual owners agree to share, as tenants-in-common, all of the costs, risks and rewards of the joint venture in accordance with a pre-agreed participation schedule. This model has not been widely used in wind energy exploration developments, a notable exception being the installation of wind turbines at Chevronís Rotterdam Refinery complex. The operating structure is one of the elements that make the Scotian WindFields highly effective in the utilization of capital during the development of the resource.

The Scotian WindFields has conncections with the following community-owned renewable energy companies CEDIF's that are focusing on wind energy development in Nova Scotia, along with Scotian WindFields Inc.

Proposed for Digby

    There are eight active community WindFields formed under the CEDIF initiative.

  • The Bay Wind Field (Digby, Yarmouth and Annapolis),
  • The Glooscap Wind Field (Kings, Hants East & West),
  • Northumberland Wind Field (Pictou and Antigonish),
  • Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field,
  • South Western Wind Field (Queens, Shelburne, Lunenburg),
  • Chebucto Wind Field (Halifax Regional Municipality).
  • The Isle Wind Field (CapeBreton).

The Bay Windfield is represented on the SWFI board with a director.

For more information on Scotia Wind Fields visit their website click on the link below:

Click to go to Web Site       Scotia WindFields Site
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