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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear, Bay Wind Field Shareholder


Please be advised that the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on:

    Tuesday 23rd October 2018 @ 6:30pm

The meeting will take place at:

    Centre d’Entrepreneuriat
    1649 Route # 1
    Church Point.

Direction. The directions for the meeting are attached.

The agenda (below) for the AGM is essentially to present: a report from the 'Bay Wind President', to request the approval of the financial statements, & to elect the new board of directors.

Wind Turbine All Financial Statements [FS] are on the Website, shareholders can request copies to be sent. To save paper and costs we did not send out any copies of the FS with the AGM notice.

Below are the latest FS are links are given to the pdf version.

Previous Years Financial Statements. Copies of previous years FS can be found through the link on the left hand side panel.

Directors. The list of current directors to stand for election is attached.

Shareholder Proxy. For shareholder who cannot attend the AGM, you may vote by proxy as per our “Articles of Incorporation”, the proxy form is attached.

Please RSVP your personnel attendance or your “Proxy” as the case may be as soon as possible, (You may use e-mail, fax or mail). For updates on the AGM, copies of these pages or further information please view your website at:

download fileAGM 2016 Minutes - Centre d’Entrepreneuriat, 1649 Route # 1,Church Point.   Adobe Acrobat Reader Required  (PDF Format - 78Kb).

Articles of Incorporation    Articles of Incorporation. In preparation for the meeting you may wish to review the Articles of Incorporation stating shareholders rights and corporate processes on meeting and voting which are available through our office, download through this link or via e-mail.

Thank you for your time and involvement in The Bay Wind Field Inc.

Yours Sincerely

Original Signed Douglas Miller

To view:

Information/Downloads for AGM: Adobe Reader Required for all

The following documents were included in the mailout on the AGM.

    download file
Proxy Vote   Adobe Acrobat Reader Required  (PDF Format - 78K)
    download file
All the above Information   Adobe Acrobat Reader Required  (PDF Format - 225K)

Click to download Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view pdf files. Click here to download the latest version.

Please Inform us of any change of address details

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