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Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation

The Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation [CWCF] is the RRSP trustee for CEDIFs such as The Bay Wind Field Inc". For the last five years members of the Bay Wind, have had their RRSP from the start, with the CWCF or transferred them from Concentra.

The Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation is a national, bilingual grassroots membership organization of and for worker co-operatives, related types of co-operatives (multi-stakeholder co-ops and worker-shareholder co-ops), and organizations that support the growth and development of worker co-operatives. CWCF was incorporated in 1992. In order to set up a self-directed RRSP (or transfer existing RRSPs from other financial institutions into a self-directed RRSP) an individual creates a self-directed contract under a federal government approved plan. The CWCF has such a plan which has been registered through Concentra Trust.

The plan can cover more than one CEDIF, therefore, if a investor purchases shares in diffrent Nova Scotia CEDIFs the is only one charge.

The annual payments are not made to the CWCF but to a CEDIF, who is responsible for paying the CWCF fees for all plan holders.

The Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation - Contact Information and Address.

Postal Address & Contact Information:
    Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation.
    41 Aberdeen St #1,
    Nova Scotia, B4N 2M9.
    Telephone:    902-678-1683

Transferring a Registered Retirement Pension Scheme [RRSP] from: Concentra to Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation [CWCF]

To Transfer your RRSP from Concentra to CWCF, you must contact both parties.

Below is the forms that are required by CWCF to enroll with the organisation:

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