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Scotia WindFields Press Releases April 2009
Scotia WindFields Press Releases April 2009

Scotian WindFields Completes First Commercial-scale Solar Project

Scotian WindFields is proud to announce the completion of its first commercial-scale solar project by its new solar division, Doctor Solar. The solar hot water system was installed on a 41-unit apartment building in Clayton Park, which is owned and operated by Killam Properties Inc. The system utilizes 40 solar hot water panels mounted on the roof, and will save Killam Properties Inc over 7000L of oil a year.

Sola Panels on Foor Solar hot water systems like these are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is the incentives that are available from the Provincial and Federal Governments. Conserve Nova Scotia offers a 15% rebate, and the EcoEnergy for Renewable Heat program offers incentives that range from 20%-25%, based on the cost of the system.

Another reason that these systems are being installed more frequently is that they are a local solution to the increasing costs of fossil fuels. The panels installed by Doctor Solar were designed and manufactured by Thermo Dynamics Ltd, who has been making solar panels in Dartmouth for over 25 years. They are designed to take advantage of Nova Scotia's climate, as well as withstand it. There are many systems in Halifax still running that were installed in the 1980's and that survived Hurricane Juan and "White Juan" with minimal damage.

Sola panels from the back The 40 solar panels at the Clayton Park location harness the energy of the sun to preheat the building's domestic hot water (the water used in taps, showers, laundry etc). The preheated water is stored in 10 large tanks in the basement of the building until it is used by the residents. By preheating the cold municipal water prior to entering the conventional heating system, these panels will save Killam over 8000L of oil a year, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions for this building by 22 tons a year (CO2eq).

Solar Hot Water panels can provide considerable energy savings for any building that uses hot water. Apartment buildings, hotels, university residences, seniors residences, hospitals, schools and recreation centers are all prime candidates.

SWFI Partnership This solar installation is also unique because it incorporates an energy monitoring package, that allows both Doctor Solar and Killam Properties Inc to monitor the performance of the system. The monitoring system, which can be viewed on our website, tracks the energy provided by the solar panels to the building every minute, and uses this information to calculate the heating oil savings daily and monthly.

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About Scotian WindFields Inc

Visit for More Information ScotiaWindFields Solar Scotian WindFields Inc is a Nova Scotian corporation that is dedicated to ensuring Nova Scotians take ownership of the province's abundant renewable energy resources. In association with eight Nova Scotian community-owned WindFields Community Economic Development Corporations, Scotian WindFields Inc is dedicated to providing scalable renewable energy solutions that meet the needs of all energy consumers from utility installations to small scale systems.

ScotiaWindFields Information, contact:

  • Dan Roscoe
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Partnership with Doctor Solar
  • Scotian WindFields Inc / Doctor Solar
  • Tel:   902-489-6787
  • E-Mail: Dan Roscoe

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