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2011 Offering

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The Bay Wind Field Inc. (Bay Wind) is an independent, community owned corporation which has been raising capital through the Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) program in Nova Scotia. Digby Aerial Photo

The CEDIF program affords Nova Scotian taxpayers attractive incentives for investing in Nova Scotia companies.

The Bay Wind Field Inc. invests in opportunities that are within its investment criteria, namely wind, solar & other renewable energy sources. Bay Wind's primary investment focus in the past has been Companies in the area of Renewable Resources such as wind power exploration and development. Bay Wind is also analysing emerging business opportunities related to carbon emissions reduction, tidal, solar, hydrogen, renewable co-generation and alternative renewable fuel sources such as compressed wood briquettes.

The Bay Wind Inc. after discussions at the last annual General Meeting (AGM) in August 2010 has decided to review the way it invests. This decision has been in consultation with the shareholders and with the announcement by the Nova Scotia Governments on New Regulations Encourage Community - Based Renewal Projects (COMFIT) (See Press release (click here)). The reviews will be to consider invest in Projects instead of currently in Renewable Energy Companies. This does not mean that it will not carry on with its previous strategy, but will look into the more both avenues of investment.

Wind Turbine To move ahead, Bay Wind is actively communicating with developers to meet the criteria announced and within Bill No 64 (An Act to Amend Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2004, the Electricity Act) to engage in Community Projects within the wind solar and other renewable sources. The monies raised in the current offering, and the previous offering, may be used for specific project(s) to be determined in the forthcoming months.

Bay Wind's previous investment focus (with the exception of the loan to Lewis Mouldings & Wood Specialities Ltd): was in the area of wind power exploration and development. The aim of the company was to invest in stock of renewable energy sector on behalf of community-based shareholders, the money raised through public offerings of shares. Bay Wind did this through investment in companies conducting business in the renewable energy sector.

The aim of Bay Wind is to invest monies raised, in either; Green Energy Projects and/or companies conducting business in the renewable energy sector.

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Nova Scotia Department of Energy Press Release October 2010

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Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects - An Expert Panel Review December 2009

Wind energy enjoys considerable public support, but it also has its detractors, who have publicized their concerns that the sounds emitted from wind turbines cause adverse health consequences.

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