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Partnership formed to help businesses implement sustainability strategies

 SCS & Good & Co Carbon meets community in new business alliance announced today - Good & Co. and Scotian Carbon Services join forces, ramp up sustainability offering

HALIFAX, NS - June 29, 2010 - Atlantic Canadian companies just gained better access to sustainability strategies and the burgeoning carbon economy. Good & Co., a pioneering corporate responsibility and stakeholder engagement consulting firm and Scotian Carbon Services, a CSA certified carbon management provider announced a strategic partnership today that will provide best-in-class consulting on corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies.

Together, these two companies provide a one-stop shop for organizations looking to engage communities, improve corporate responsibility and take charge of their carbon footprint.

Good & Co. helps clients create strategies and build partnerships aligning with the values and principles embedded in their business plans and corporate culture. By developing program targets and metrics, Good & Co. facilitates a transition away from a cost centre approach to community engagement and environmental management. Clients gain a clearer picture of the value and impacts of their programs and are able to focus their efforts with increased efficiency.

Scotian Carbon Services specializes in carbon management and offset brokerage consulting services. Certified by CSA to perform greenhouse gas inventory accounting, the firm works with business to manage carbon risk and maximize carbon revenue. Scotian Carbon counts tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions so that companies can meet regulatory obligations, control supply chain issues, or open up access to international and domestic markets.

"The need to understand not only financial performance, but your company's impact in the community and on the environment is not a business requirement of the future; it is the business reality of today. Corporate responsibility programs can impact a company's financial performance, their ability to attract and retain talent, improve brand value and are the key to effective government relations," said Chris Crowell, CEO of Good & Co.

"Working hand-in-hand with Scotian Carbon Services allows Good & Co. to offer our clients a true full service corporate responsibility package."

"We are especially pleased to partner with Good & Co., because we believe this alliance will strengthen our offering to clients," said Gay Harley, Manager of Scotian Carbon Services. "By integrating sustainability planning with community engagement strategies, businesses can manage risk and maximize the benefits of environmental leadership. The partnership of Good & Co. and Scotian Carbon Services reduces the cost of implementing these strategies with all-in-one consulting packages."

In today's economy, more and more companies understand that great management strategies start with respect for people and the planet. Scotian Carbon Services and Good & Co. offer an unmatched ability to help Atlantic Canadian companies compete in this market so that everyone profits.

For More Information:
Scotian Carbon Services Good & Co.
Gay Harley Chris Crowell
Manager, Carbon Services CEO & Founder
Telephone [902] 449 4167 [902] 499 2479

About Good & Co.

Good & Co Good & Co. works with innovative businesses, inspiring not-for-profits, and visionary governments to increase their positive impacts on communities and the environment as a driver for improved organizational performance. Good & Co. offers corporate responsibility consulting, management and reporting services as well as values based stakeholder engagement consulting services. Our team has experience on projects focused on engaging community networks, youth, organizational membership bases, and alumni networks through the integrated use of social media, grassroots networks and strategic events.

About Scotian Carbon Services

Scotian Carbon Services (SCS) is a division of Scotian WindFields. SCS was established to provide practical expertise to guide businesses through the confusing landscape and regulation of the new carbon economy. SCS also helps business take advantage of opportunities by providing professional consultation in carbon credit registration and sales. Our staff has experience in international carbon credit project development and sales as well as certification in domestic carbon management.

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